Finding lawyers who have the same passion you have can be a challenge. Phipps Ortiz Talafuse is a Texas bred law firm with its roots in the heart of San Antonio. No matter what you do or where you live, we believe in the simple values of honesty, integrity, and character are what make a difference. Because of our commitment to these values, we have clients trust to represent them in over 37 states and 14 foreign countries. At Phipps Ortiz Talafuse passion sets us apart from the rest and is one of the main reasons why our loyal clientele turns to us each time for complex litigation services.

Whether it’s mass torts litigation, complex enterprise litigation or high stakes insurance disputes, the lawyers at Phipps Ortiz Talafuse PLLC have done it and seen it all. Irrespective of the type and complexity of the lawsuit we encounter, we bring the same level of dedication each time.

In our experience, consistent drive is the main difference between good and great lawyers. We understand that only through persistent efforts can we ensure that our clients’ opponents cannot get the upper hand that may otherwise compromise a case.


There are many law firms that handles thousands of cases. Only one builds relationships with thousands of clients. If your organization finds itself against the ropes, you need an attorney who is as passionate about your case as you are no matter how complex it is. Whether a law suit has been filed or it’s the day before trial, Phipps Ortiz Talafuse PLLC will fight for you with the same dedication that we do for all of our clients.

Our attorneys are trained and have years of experience handling multifaceted cases. We prove time and again that even when the stakes are high, you can count on our team to back you up and support you.

The depth and breadth of our attorneys’ expertise along with the support staff and technological resources we have allow us to tackle large scale complex litigation. We work closely with clients to create and implement a thorough strategy to coordinate multiple suits, involved parties and issues with the sole aim of achieving a favorable resolution as economically, and expeditiously as possible.

Our main goal is to help you achieve a resolution that can protect and work in your best interest. We understand that whether a case looks simple or not, it is rarely straight forward. As such, it requires access to resources along with an efficient use of time and tools that our team is more than proficient in.


We Do Things The Old Fashioned Way.

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