We are prepared to navigate complex issues for your organization while creating a personalized strategy that can address each one. When we approach such cases, we examine the situation from a variety of angles and then determine the legal options we can use to address them. In some cases, this can include an out of court settlement if we think it is in your best interest.

Complex litigations are not known for being budget friendly and for good reason. In all of the complex litigation cases we take on, our aim is to reduce court expenses while advocating for our clients. We have the necessary experience to make this happen.

You need an attorney who does not back down in the face of these challenges and can guide you strategically at each stage.


At Phipps Ortiz Talafuse PLLC, our lawyers have developed a strong reputation for handling complex litigation cases in the opioid and agriculture industry. As such, our legal team is more than capable of handling cases that involve contractual queries, government entities, parties in bankruptcy, defective materials and other combinations of complex issues. The cases we handle often:

  • Encompasses multiple parties
  • Involves several witnesses and expert witnesses
  • Involves extensive research and complicated testimony

  • Involves parties with diverging interests

  • Has a high dollar value

  • Involves interlocking contractual obligations

  • Involves an almost endless number of documents and electronic data

  • Involves a number of plaintiffs and defendants




While any given lawsuit can be complicated, complex litigation is on a whole different level since it usually pertains to civil cases that companies deal with on a regular basis. This type of litigation involves court battles that include a number of parties in multiple jurisdictions, a large amount of money, a prolonged trial or complex legal issues.

At Phipps Ortiz Talafuse PLLC, our trained and highly experienced attorneys are experienced in handling complex litigation cases that draw serious media scrutiny and can work diligently to ensure a decent settlement and/or win your case.

We Prioritize Your Peace Of Mind

We aim for two options when we are trying complex cases:

Potential settlement or a trial – A settlement is the most preferable outcome that is usually preferred by both parties. In this case, we can work with the legal team of your opponent to come to a mutual agreement without the need of stepping into a courtroom. If the case moves to trial, the judge determines the verdict as per the rules and evidence presented.

An appeal – If either of the parties involved in the complex litigation case are disappointed by the ruling post trial, they can choose to appeal it. In this case, the case is reviewed again in the hopes that the ruling can be reversed or changed. While we will do our best to ensure a settlement or a win, in case we need to appeal, we will leave no stone unturned to ensure a positive outcome.

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