Why Choose Phipps Ortiz Talafuse?

Phipps Ortiz Talafuse PLLC is a different kind of law firm – rooted in the values of honesty, integrity and character. Our team of nationally recognized attorneys are among the best in the country, specializing in the areas of mass torts, big business disputes, life sciences litigation, as well as other high stakes and complex litigation. When you have a legal matter, turn to the Phipps Ortiz Talafuse team for representation you can believe in, from a team you can trust.

Our attorneys have over 100 combined years of experience fighting for clients through complex litigation across the country. We are standing up to the national opioid epidemic and the businesses in the industry that have caused this national crisis, costing millions of dollars and lives.

Who Are We?


For all of your complex litigation needs including: mass torts, big business disputes, or any high stakes litigation the lawyers at Phipps Ortiz Talafuse have done it all. While our team will always strive to efficiently resolve these situations without the need for a lawsuit, we are always prepared to take the fight to the other side and win any lawsuit in which we are involved.

If your company finds itself against the wall, with legal action pending or already underway, let the Phipps Ortiz Talafuse team step in and fight for you. We realize when the stakes are high and we’re cool under pressure. Make the best decision for your organization and start a discussion with Martin, Gabe, Meagan, and the team. When the stakes are highest, you need the Phipps team in your corner.

  • When serious legal council is required, our team is ready
  • When the stakes are the highest, you need the Phipps Ortiz Talafuse team in your corner.
  • When nobody else understands the magnitude…we do.

When you have a big business, insurance or complex litigation on your hands, you need the Phipps Ortiz Talafuse legal team


We Will Fight For You!

When the stakes are high, you need a lawyer who can remain calm under pressure. Our lawyers are passionate about what they do so a calm demeanor comes naturally. Let us step in where you cannot and fight for your interests on your behalf. Make the best decision for your organization and start a discussion with us today.

We are court ready and battle tested on a range of cases and strategies. So if it comes down to a fight, we will come out swinging. This includes seeking resolutions based on the specific details surrounding your case and potential side effects. Whether it leads to an arbitration or a trial, we have the experience to ensure a favorable outcome.






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We understand what it is like when your back is up against the wall and everything is on the line. Working with a team that specializes in your industry can level the playing field and ensure your interests are protected. Choosing a lawyer who doesn’t have the industrial expertise we do can end in more losses than you can afford.
So whether you have a big business dispute or any complex case on your hand, get in touch with our legal team at Phipps Ortiz Talafuse.